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No Patience -- Cris Anson

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No Patience

Nervous but eager to explore BDSM, widowed Roseanne gets up close and personal with an erotic Dom. When he sets up some play scenes, she discovers she’s more than a bounteous handful—she’s an exhibitionist.



“Cris Anson knows how to write a seriously sexy curvy woman. She also knows how to write a fabulous man to appreciate said sexy heroine. This story is so very hot —I’m still blushing hours later…I’m looking forward to reading some more fantastic work by this skilled author.” — FOUR STARS, Pauline Michael, Night Owl Reviews


He slides in next to me. “I’m going to feed you. Do not move. Just follow my directions.”

“Okay,” I manage to squeak out.

He directs me to open my mouth and feeds me one delicious forkful. I close my eyes in ecstasy as the chocolate sings on my tongue. Decadent is indeed the correct word. “Mmm. This melts in my mouth.”

“I will too. In your mouth, not your hands. Don’t forget that.”

My eyes flip open. I move my head a quarter turn and look close up into his intense blue gaze. My heart takes a leap. This man is making me feel sexy, desirable. Oh god, I’m in trouble.

Definitely in trouble.

“Open your mouth again,” he murmurs.

I do and am rewarded with a dollop of sweet whipped cream from his finger. My mouth closes around his digit and I can’t help myself. I suck on it as though it were the part of him that would melt there.

His sharp intake of breath rewards my action.

“I think we’re on to something here, Roseanne.”

“More,” I say.

“Yes, I agree. More. Tell me more about your sexual fantasies.”

I blink. “But I haven’t —”

“No, you haven’t told me yet, but I know you have them. Sexual fantasies. Or else we wouldn’t be sitting here in this restaurant you chose, so close I can smell your intoxicating pussy juices, so close I heard that little hitch in your breath.”

He brings his mouth to my ear. “I can see your nipples through that sweater. I bet you’re wearing a lace bra, or some soft fabric that lets every little pucker show through.”

I think I mewl. I’d never had someone talk dirty to me. And in public!

Swiping his finger in the chocolate sauce-dappled cream, he holds another dollop to my mouth. “Take it. That’s what I’m going to do to you. I’m going to take that cream from between your legs and put it in my mouth.”