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BCW Anthology

2015 BDSM Writers Con Anthology includes “It Takes Two to Tango”
9780996273107 (print)

How do you take your BDSM? Light and naughty or with bolder twists and turns that will take a bite and leave you wanting more? Do your tastes run along the razor’s edges demanding a lover surrender all?
Just like steam rises so does the level of our D/s as Cris Anson starts pushing the boundaries in “It Takes Two to Tango”. Also included: Roz Lee, Arlee Scott, Kestra Gravier, Elizabeth SaFleur, Gray Dixon, Becca Jameson, Rhiannon Ayers, and Alaska Angelini.



This collection is meant to titillate with a more realistic, layered portrayal of people involved
in the BDSM lifestyle…Cris Anson’s “It Takes Two to Tango” reflects the edgier content of BDSM Advanced, as Cheryl rekindles her dormant submissive nature upon meeting a seductive tango partner, who pushes her to pleasure with bondage and knife play.
 —Library Journal, Ashleigh Williams, October 1, 2015